Lighting Text Photo Frame
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Bright Light terrible for human being but now days peoples would like to use lighting effects for photo background. 3D Lighting Text Photo Frame allows you to frame your photo into your name’s lighting alphabet.

Lighting Text Photo Frame Name Text lighting free is fire name maker app to make your name with light. Make your lavishness pictures more exciting and amazing with free Lighting Photo Frames.

Stylish lighting name maker frames is Lighting Text Photo Frame name maker and bright names editor app. Name and Nicknames can be written in beautiful 3D Lighting Text Photo Frame fire styles.

My name on pics is also a good name like this bright lighting my name it contains all lighting alphabets. Lighting Text Photo Frame has English letter lighting frames.

3D Lighting Fire Text Photo Frame contains many decent lighting frames which gives you the attractive look. My name maker shows the lighting alphabets with fireworks like your name is lighting. Decorate your ordinary photo with these led lighting photo frames.

Application Features

- Select Photo from gallery or take photo by using camera.
- Unique style HD Frame Collection in Lighting Text Photo Frame.
- Adjust size, angle and position of photo easily with multi touch effect.
- You can add stylist and colourful text on your selected photos.
- Wide range of font styles and font colour effects.
- You can add fire lighting sticker on your photo.
- Save your alphabet photo into your external storage or mobile device.
- You can share them on any social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other social app.

Fire Text Photo Frame can be used as

- Lighting Text Photo Maker
- Lighting Text Photo Editor
- Fire Text Love Editor
- Fire Sticker
- Alphabet Shape Photo
- Light Text Wallpaper

I hope you enjoy using this Lighting Text Photo Frame Effect app and encourage me for further apps.

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