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Memorable Moments of the life that’s called marriage. Marriage is special moments for everyone does you like to have best Video from your wedding photos and albums.

Do you like to have free video for marriage photo to video maker app? Wedding Video Maker is a professional video maker that will help you create awesome collecting memories to wonderful stories of marriage. Create Wedding Video movie from images and music with this pre-Wedding Video Maker App.

This easy-to-use movie maker app collects your photos and transforms them into stunning videos. Add background music from your own music track, making your videos/slideshow more professional, personal, and special.

With this Wedding video maker, you can create amazing videos, as Wedding, Pre-Wedding surprises or for other special occasions, celebrations, and festivals. You can create Love Wishes more elegant with Love Stickers, Themes, Relevant song by Marriage Video Maker.

Amazing Key Features :

1) Background music: Select wedding related background music from preloaded music library or from an external source. Edit the length of the music and apply to your slideshow.
2) More photo selection options: Create movies of up to 100 photos for any devices.
3) Treasure Store: Get the latest happy marriage themes, slideshow effect, and music contents right here.
4) Edit order & focus: Rearrange the order of the photos and adjust the focal point of the displayed area.
5) Themes: Select the perfect love wedding theme for the lovely occasion from our library of professionally-made themes, including themes specially designed for occasion.
6) Edit subtitle: As a video editor, you can add meaningful or heart warming notes and texts, and edit the date of your slideshow.
7) Cloud-based photo support: Grab photos from Social Media App to create your mini-movie.
8) Portrait or landscape mode: The first slideshow and movie creator that lets you create slideshows or videos in portrait or landscape mode.

Key Feature of Wedding Photo Video Maker App :

* Easy user interface for creating video in a minute.
* You can easily make professional looking video stories within a few steps.
* You can Pick photos from gallery or camera and create slideshow.
* Funny dubs help you create an interesting video.
* Set Time (2s, 4s, 6s, 8s ...etc) in Frame between photos in video.
* Various text styles and fonts for subtitles are supplied.
* Apply 25+ Effect Video like Firework, Wedding Effect, Love Effect, and Heart Effect.
* Video Maker pro with adding music, text, gif, emojis, themes, filters on video.
* Zoom in and Zoom out your audiences focus on the region you want.
* Video exports in HD resolution supported for most Android devices.
* You can also share your Happy Wedding videos moment with your friends and other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Whats App, and other network through the app.

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Apply Photo Video Maker with Themes as :

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- Rainy Movie with Music

Wedding Photo to Video Converter is an attractive app to view or showcase the pictures to your friends or family in a fun way.

If you like and love this Happy Wedding Photo to Video Maker application then share with your friends and family member.

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