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Draw on any of the pictures and share it with your friends, family using any photo sharing application. Add Stickers to Photos from our collection of Stickers and Add Text to your photos.

Draw on a photo. Make pictures more pretty by drawing on them as you draw on a pad with drawing. Drawing on Photos gives you easy access to huge Art with simple drawing skills.

Love or Hate someone? Convey the message with pictures and drawing. Draw on their picture and let them know. Have a crush on some one? Take their picture and Draw Something on their picture and share it with them. When you draw a love message or something pretty people will like that.

Now supports being able to select multiple Drawing Pencil Widths. With multiple Pencil styles and tools, draw the art on draw Pad with photos.

Draw a nice reminder on photo's and messages on photos and convey them to friends and family.

If you want to Edit your photo's this is the right app for you. Edit your photo and draw anything including writing love messages on the photo's. Share the photo's again with friends and family.

For the Photo you selected, Draw on the Photo, Add Stickers to Photos and Add Text over Photos to share with friends and family.

Version 7 Added Following new Features:
1. Emoji Picture Editor - Add Photo Emoji's to your photos. With 100's of Emoji's including Country Flag Emoji's, Emoticons Emoji's, Cars, Truck Emoji's and other funny emoji's can be added to your photos.
2. Photo Tattoo put on picture - Built in Tattoo Editor where you can change colors of tattoo's and put tattoo's on pictures to show your creativity.

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

1. Added 30 types of new Brushes to draw over photos.
2. Add Text over photos.
3. Add one of our 500+ Photo Stickers.
4. Added ability to draw on Nature Photos (We provide huge collection of Nature Backgrounds for you to draw on)
5. Added Ability to draw on Blank Canvas.
6. Added 50 Different Tattoos that you can decorate your photos.
7. Added 100's of Emoji's that you can add to your photos.
8. Updated to latest libraries for better support.

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