Cartoon Anime Face Changer
Cartoon Anime Face Changer

Cartoon Anime Face Changer

حجم:۵۲.۹ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱.۰(۱۳۹۶/۰۷/۲۷)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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Cartoon Anime Face Changer Create anime manga avatar - this is a new application ' Anime Face Changer 'to edit profile picture, processing the image.
Simulator to create photo of you and turn self in Anime manga character like - Naroto and friends Anime Face, One Peace face and friends, Sharingan Uchiha, Emoticon and power Sticker And Many other face changer.

Cartoon Face Changer Pro
Cartoon Face Maker
Start now transferring your face to Anime Boy, Girl paint and Men or Animal Cartoon and enjoy with this top Gallery and collection of Artistic comic Design.

Create amazing photos with this apps and get the amazing experience Cartoon Face photo editor!
You can change your face with the anime face character or cartoon character using this app.

With this Cartoon Face changer you can add Crying face, Angry Emoji's, Animal face, tears - stickers msqrd and Masquerade Anime Cartoon and more to your selfie!

Anime changer face
You can select the eyes type and color with Anime Face Maker, Avatar Manga eyesbrows, hair style, hair color, skin color, mood, background and much more
Fun and Free Sprite Effect Stickers Anime Face Swap sprite beam, Kamehameha in manga, Aura Effect, smoke effect and other effect funny pictures fast

With Camera Effects you can booth boring picture into funny pic.

Features of ' Anime Cartoon Face Changer ' :

✔ Change face and add special effects and photo filters!
✔ Become your favorite super hero or comics and cartoon character
✔ Photo booth effects: superpowers, guns, swords, emoji, meme, troll face, dragon, cartoon and anime
✔ Modify, resize, rotate and adjust your image

Create amazing Secret Jutsu Rasengan Power photos like sasuke uchiha or kakashi Hatake with this app, add your favourite rasengan, chidori energy, rasengan shuriken, insta text, InstaSquare and stickers, filters.... Drag it to your favourite photos, share with your friends.

You can add many anime power example: ' sasuke uhiha', ' sakura' , 'sasuke uchiha vs uzumaki', 'sharingan eye rasingan rinnegan' ' itachi uchiha brother of sasuke uchiha ' hinata vs sakura' 'kakashi seisnei' 'madara uchiha ' obito uchiha' 'one punch' ' shipoden anime' ' boruto new anime' ' itachi wallpapers''naroto' ' shinobi' '

Super power is a superhuman ability which is the key attribute of a super hero!
Become a super hero, booth your foto, add stickers and special effects.
anime face photo effect is the only cartoon face editing app you will ever need!

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