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Photo Effects by LoonaPix #1
Photo Effects by LoonaPix #2
Photo Effects by LoonaPix #3
Photo Effects by LoonaPix #4


LoonaPix Effects is a free photo editor that is worth a try.
All you need is to choose an effect and after some magic you get funny photo in seconds.
There are billboards, graffity, magazines, sketchs and many other templates in our photo editor where your photo will look cool and funny, definetely.
New photo effects will automatically appear in your phone every week.
You can also easy share your creations with friends via favorite widgets.

Please, notice WiFi or 3G Internet connections is required for LoonaPix app to work.

If you have faced any problem with application, please, let us know via support@loonapix.com.
But If you definitely like our application, you can Rate it. Your comment is also highly appreciated.

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