Fake Currency Detector
حجم:۳.۸ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱.۱.۱(۱۳۹۷/۰۲/۱۲)
Fake Currency Detector #1
Fake Currency Detector #2
Fake Currency Detector #3


Counterfeit allows you to see the little marks and other security measures to probe a bill´s authenticity under an Ultraviolet light.
Check 2000 and 500 RS Note Check With Fack Scanner Prank App.
Its Check New Indian Currency Or Money Note.

Your cell phone screen isn´t a UV lamp but we have optimized it as much as possible you may not be able to see anything in daylight you have to do it in a rather dark place.

With this application you can scan fast and easy money and check whether it is original or fake.

Fake money detector is a simulator of a UV machine which detects if your money are authentic! Fake money detectors uses ultraviolet to check invisible emblem on the banknote.

ou can make fool of your friends by pressing the volume up arrow to show result as genuine and volume down button to show result as fake. If you do not press any button then the result will be displayed randomly.

Here you can getting an amazing application which is find your fake, original money, if you dont know about money which is original or banned money the here you can solve your problem easily.

The UV is not compatible with the following:

Mexican Pesos
Indian Ruppes ,
Pakistani Ruppes
and many more Country Currency.

Check below Point For Fake Note:

- See Through Register
- Water Mark
- Optically Variable ink
- Fluorescence Number
- Security Thread
- Intaglio Printing
- Latent Image
- Micro Lettering
- Identification Mark
- Year of Printing

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