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Last update10/1/2020
Barbanet is practically designed in order to serve the transportation industry. Barbanet is considered as a functional instrument to develop the traditional transportation system into an electronic commerce structure using internet and mobile services.
Using Barbanet
Simply determine the origin and destination. Submit your luggage profile and choose the quantity of required staff as well as your desired vehicles. Barbanet would instantly display all available shipping options. Therefore, you can economically convey your own cargoes to any regions while considering others’ reviews.
Why Barbanet
    • Managing and tracking vehicles and cargoes
    • Observing expenses fees online
    • Booking option
    • Using skilled workers
    • Improving competition among shipping companies for higher qualities and lower pricing
• No need to login to use the application
• Add traffic and air pollution plan 
• Improved user interface 
• Troubleshoot Android 5 and below 
• Solve reported problems 
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