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The 'Mobile Bank' app helps you manage your bank cards and perform banking operations with your phone.

To view new features, please read the 'Recent Changes' section.

بانBank operations (transfer of funds, receipt of inventory, etc.) are done by connecting to internet banking portals with Https and indirect protocol, which is a secure platform (by receiving a username from the bank, perform banking operations. )

🔂Management of bank transactions, in the message page, you can categorize your account circulation SMS according to each card.

📥Share card information and transactions, send your card number to others by selecting an option.

کانEasy to pay bills with barcode reader, easily pay bills (water, electricity, gas and telephone).

📱Purchase of recharge, without the need for a card, you can buy Irancell or Hamrah-e-Aval or Raitel recharge cards.

To get a bank account balance, be aware of your account balance and check bank account transactions with the solar calendar in the messages section.

You no longer need to carry unused cards, write down all the card information, as well as bills and transactions in the program.

How to work:

In the program, in addition to you can enter all the details of bank cards, the possibility of transferring money, receiving inventory, purchasing charges, paying bills, managing bank transactions, copying the card number, sending details and image of the card, calling the bank and Connection to USSD Bank is also provided, and most importantly, you can view your bank SMS separately and with a solar date and write a note for each.

By downloading the bank's mobile application, you will be able to protect your bank transactions, from now on no one will be able to view your bank card transactions.

At the beginning of the program, you define a new password, and then the application database is encrypted. If you forget your password, it is not possible to recover and decrypt the information.


1 - High security and the use of modern security locks

2 - Determine the password from 4 digits to 10 digits

3 - Registration of persons and assigning a card to each person

4 - Save all the information about the card and bank account (including card number, account number, branch, customer number, Shaba number, card holder, cvv2, expiration date, bank code ussd code number and bank phone number)

5 - Filter cards based on each person

6 - Display the image of the cards as a list

8 - Buy charging all operators

9 - Payment of bills

10 - Support for up, amp, sep and seventy-eight systems

11 - Share card details

12 - Send card image

13- Protecting the bank's transactions and transferring them to the program and encrypting them (optional)

14 - Record notes for each transaction

15 - Share transactions

16 - Integrate transactions received from different SMS numbers

17 - Separation between two card / account transactions in a bank

18 - Search transactions based on text and notes

19 - Prevent program removal

20 - Backup and restore the backup file

21 - Automatic backup

22 - Add a widget card to the home screen of the phone

23 - Call USSD and phone bank

24 - Display the date of occurrence of each transaction (in solar form)

25 - Copy the card number

26. Support for all banks and institutions

27 - Display the specifications of all banks with USSD number, phone bank and card prefix

28 - Take a photo when entering the wrong password

Note that the following banks are supported in the program:

1_ with Maskan Bank

2_ with the National Bank

3_ with Mellat Bank

4_ with Tejarat Bank

5_ with Agricultural Bank

6- With Pasargad Bank

7- With Parsian Bank

8_ With Sepah Bank

9_ with the welfare bank

10_ with the Cooperative Development Bank

11_ With Sina Bank

12_ With Ghavamin Bank

13_ with Mehr Eghtesad Bank

14_ with Bank D

15- Along with Eghtesad Novin Bank

16_ with Post Bank of Iran

17_ with Mehr Eghtesad Bank

18_ with Capital Bank

19_ With Saman Bank

20_ With the entrepreneurial bank

21_ With Samen Bank

22_ with Iran Zamin Bank

23_ With Gharz al-Hasna Resalat Bank

24_ With Bank of Industry and Mines

25_ with Ansar Bank

26_ with Bank Shahr

27_ with the Tourism Bank

28_ With Hekmat Iranian Bank

29_ with Ayandeh Bank

30_ With the bank of Kosar Credit Institution

31_ With Tat Bank

32_ with the Export Development Bank of Iran

33_ Along with the Bank of Nations Credit Institution (Askaria)

34_ with the Middle East Bank

35_ Visa Card

36_ Master Card

37_ With Noor Bank Financial Institution Bank

38_ with the credit development bank

39_ with the Bank of Angels Credit Bank

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