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With this software, you can experience accounting in a new way.

Since one of the main goals in this software is its simplicity and practicality, as a result, it has been done in such a way that the concepts of accounting principles are used in it and on the other hand, the simplicity of accounting software is included in it.

Key features of smart accounting software:

Software Accounting Features:

1. Register all types of accounts

2- Registration of persons and groups of persons

3- Registration of expenses and income in the form of deposits and withdrawals, checks and debtors and creditors

4- Registration of payable and receivable funds in the form of deposits and withdrawals, checks and interest

5- Possibility of settling accounts in the form of payment and receipt from individuals

6- Possibility of receiving and returning checks

7- Display costs and revenues numerically and graphically

8- Display the amount of deposit and withdrawal from each account

9- Displaying the amount of debt and creditor of each person

10. Demonstrate financial status in the form of assets, liabilities, expenses and income

11- It has a financial calendar with the ability to display numerically and diagrammatically

12. It has four types of categories: cost, income, payable and receivable

13- Showing the currency in three forms: Rials, Tomans and One Thousand Tomans

14- Possibility of various reports

Technical features of the software:

1- New and easy user interface

2- Designing the user interface based on the standards of the Android operating system (how to arrange, graphic components and how to move in the software environment)

3. Ability to automatically convert accounting software files 1.0

4- Ability to generate output from any report in PDF format

5. Ability to connect to Dropbox service to store information and reports online

6- It has an internal and dedicated file manager for displaying accounting files + in memory card and Dropbox

7- The possibility of preparing a backup file and recovering it

8- Possibility of automatic backup

9- Possibility to register a password to log in to the software

10. Ability to recall checks based on specified time and date

11- Ability to share a transaction through Messaging, Email, Bluetooth and ... applications.

12. Ability to direct calls, send messages and emails to people from within the software

13- Possibility of compatibility with devices incompatible with Persian language

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