Love Caller Screen - Photo Caller Screen Dialer
Love Caller Screen - Photo Caller Screen Dialer

Love Caller Screen - Photo Caller Screen Dialer

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Love Caller Screen allow you to customize and change the theme of outgoing or incoming call screens to smart photo screens which form beautiful love caller interfaces. You can use a default background or use your own photo as background. 

Love Caller Screen have some best caller theme to make your incoming call more stylish with advanced features.this application have some simple process to make changes in your incoming call theme with beautiful effects.

This app have also best features to make you alert on incoming calls with color caller screen effects.

You can customize your outgoing or incoming call more choosing a ringtone tone for calls, sms or notifications.

This love caller screen is the whenever you are dial a call at that time filling are love because in your smart phone screen have lovely theme or dial a call to your love or any other friend.

Place your favorite Photo as a caller Screen so that your can always see it when you get a incoming call. You can set Photo specifically assigned for each separate contacts too. So when you meet your friend, click his photo and assign it to his contact. Every time he calls your you'll see his full screen photo. 

Getting board with the old outdated calling screen/caller Screen? Get updated to full screen caller Screen where your can customize your incoming and outgoing calling screen as you like. You can now replace your phone's default calling screen with the Full Screen Love Caller Screen.


✆ Full Screen Dialer theme.
✆ Best Lock screen for dialer. Android Dialer screen and avoid old ready made screen.
✆ Set Enable/Disable Caller Dialer Screen.
✆ Change background of theme.
✆ Change ringtone of incoming calls, and set ringtone I caller caller tune for android. 
✆ Dynamic call screen lights notification.
✆ Colorful love calling screen themes flash lights on incoming calls.
✆ Stunning call screen themes to decorate your caller screen for incoming calls.

Color Phone Flash - a call screen themes changer customizes caller screen with caller screen themes and LED flash alert (call alert). Choose caller screen themes and LED flashlight alert (call alert) for your call screen slide through call screen changer. Download the call theme changer to enjoy FREE call alert & caller screen themes app to changer call screen slide!

Now you can place a your own Photo as an incoming caller screen instead of phone's default caller screen. You can place your own photo as incoming Photo caller screen with full screen caller screen. It will change the look of your incoming calls. 

Caller screen is an HD call screen for incoming calls to customize call screen with stylish calling screen themes. Do you get bored with default phone caller screen? Caller screen changes phone screen to a rich and user-friendly interface and offers full caller screen with amazing call screen themes. 

There are many options to customize your call screen with different themes. You can set background of the calling screen from given default background our use your own photo as background. There are different Love theme answer and reject buttons. 

Forget your default boring Call Screen, now you can have for free your custom caller screen for android with best love background themes. You also can dial speedy any number from contact list and show your call screen dialer with photo id.

Thank You !!!

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