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Last update9/11/2018
Homino is an online expert for your home and office services to quick access to reliable and affordable services. Homino uses web and mobile application to provides access to home service labors and allowing customers to find immediate help in clear and fair prices. Customers can define their needs and homino helps them to find the best price, expert and time in less than a minute. All services are guaranteed by homino.
Homino Services:
Cleaning and washing
Medicine and care
Repairs and installations
Education and culture
Dress and beauty
Formalities and meetings
Interior and exterior decoration
Guard and security
Pest Control
Full Home Deep Cleaning
Bathroom Deep Cleaning
Sofa Cleaning
Kitchen Deep Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Elder Care at Home
Baby Portfolio Photographer
Bag Spa
Car Cleaning
CCTV Cameras and Installation
Car Servicing & Repair
Dry Cleaning
Insurance Agent
Maternity Photographer
Packers & Movers
Marriage Counsellors
Fashion Photographer
Home Tutor
Mathematics Tutor
Homino Benefits:
Competitive prices
Easy access to trusted and trained service personnel
Saving time
24-hour support even on holidays
Website address: http://www.Homino.ir
Instagram Channel: https://instagram.com/Homino_ir
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/Homino
Support Center: 021-61906
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