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The NikonLenses app is a guide to Nikon's current lineup of F-Mount lenses used by both Nikon's digital and film SLR cameras.

You can view all the lenses at once or you can view lenses in a selected category. You have the ability to sort by aperture, minimum focal length and ESP (Estimated Retail Price). You can also search on lens names.

Each lens has a detail page which provides links to the Nikon web page detailing the lens, reviews of the lens from third parties (if available - brand new lenses might not have reviews yet) and where to rent the lens (United States only).

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

* Rewritten from the ground up for Android 4.0+
* Ability to search lens names
* Added numerous new lenses
* v2.0.1 - removed unnecessary permissions

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