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Funmotion (Stop Motion Clip) #1
Funmotion (Stop Motion Clip) #2
Funmotion (Stop Motion Clip) #3
Funmotion (Stop Motion Clip) #4
Funmotion (Stop Motion Clip) #5


Funmotion provides fun and easy way to create your stop motion clip. Tap and hold to record your video, and use it repeatedly to create your sequences. Simply click the tick button when you are ready and have your clip ready. Quick, simple, fun and easy. Explore your creativity and share your clip with your friends.

How to use fun motion?
- Tap and hold anywhere on the screen to record your video
- Tap repeatedly to create sequences
- When you are done, tap the tick button on the right to finalise your clip

You can also create lapse alike video by tapping your screen faster. The duration of your tap decides the frame rate for your stop motion video.

Happy exploring!

- This application uses openCV library licensed under the BSD License and its source can be downloaded here: http://opencv.org/
- This application uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPLv2.1 (http://www.ffmpeg.org/)

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