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The Pixel Effect 2017 coming with new concept of Photo Editing. Pixel Effect 2017 allows you to add effect on your original picture.

Pixel Effect photo editor is converting your any photo into a Pixel photo using various magic effects on your photos to make it more awesome and beautiful.

Pixel Photo 2017 is easy to use with no overloaded confusing photo filters and effects. The one perfect pixel effect that will make your pictures look awesome.

You also can create beautiful Effect by placing photos in Pixel Effect and by writing your own text and can send your social Media to your friends and family.

Pixel effects have lots of Pixel Effects, sticker, Emoji and Color Full Effect Frames.

Pixel Effect 2017 photo editor is editing photo into a Pixel photo using DIFFERENT effect.


★. Pixel effects and 3D effects
- Great Collection of Pixel effects and 3D effects.

★. Photo Effects
- Set effects to make photo even more beautiful.

★. Photo Overlays
- Set overlay to give double exposure.

★. Sticker
- Add different Stickers on your photo.

★. Add Text
- Add text with different pattern, color, font , blur on your photo.

★. Set Orientation
- Adjust horizontal or vertical orientation to get perfect view of photos.

★. Save & Share
- Save your creation and Share any social Media or Freinds and Family.

How to apply Pixel Effect to your photo :

- Pixel Effect 2017 : Photo Editor is to choose photo from Camera or your Phone Gallery.
- Crop your photo for Pixel effect photo editor for user choice.
- Pixel Effect Photo Editor 2017 is having more than 80+ Pixel effects and 3D effects.
- Pixel Effect Photo Editor is also having Light glare for more attractive photos.
- Add stickers in Pixel Effect Photo Editor by user choice.
- Saved image in Pixel Effect folder.
- You can share image of Pixel effect photo editor via Social Media and much more..

Key Words:

★ Pixel Photo Effect
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★ Pixel Photo Art
★ Pixel Photo Maker
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★ 3D Pixel Effect

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