Photo Ghost Maker
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Do you need a photo or any application for Ghost photo merging. Don’t want to spend money and wasting time on other apps. You can replace your backgrounds with perfect ghost photos with effects. You may apply effects after saving pictures by tapping 'View Snapped Photos'. There are number of graphics effects which can be applied on snapped images.

You just take your picture and choose from wide variety of ghost backgrounds. Adjust the picture size according to your desire, Hurray! You have found a perfect background ghost photo.

Other Features

1. Select a photo from the gallery or take photos using the phone's camera.

2. Wide range of styles and different templates for any picture.

3. Scale, zoom and move your gallery picture for a perfect fit within the template.

4. Easy to use: Creation in 1 step only.

5. Apply effects on images

6. Set edited images as a Wallpaper

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Thanks for your Support. The publisher has license of all images used in the app for commercial use. For more details please contact the publisher.

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