Pixel Photo Effect Editor
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Pixel Photo Effect Editor #1
Pixel Photo Effect Editor #2
Pixel Photo Effect Editor #3


=> Pixel photo effect editor has variations of particle dispersion effect of your original photo.
=> Pixel effect photo editor app is converting your photo into bleeding effects. Its looks like magic effects on your photo.
=> Just one step, tap your fingers and transform your photo into amazing look.
1. Huge number of pixel particle dispersion effect.
2. Light glare effect.
3. HD effects on photo.
4. Original photo zoom in and zoom out.
5. Different stickers and text.
6. Lots of effects.
7. Reset photo.
8. Save your photo in the gallery.

Use of Pixel photo effect editor app:
- Pixel Photo effect editor app is to choose photo from camera or gallery.
- Crop the original image or take whole original photo.
- Apply bleeding effects from the huge number of pixel effects.
- Your photo is having zoom in and zoom out effect.
- Change different effects on your photo.
- Set text and emoji also.
- Beautiful pixel edited photo share with your friends and family.

Pixel photo effect editor app is completely free to download.

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