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About Otaku Camera
SUKI! the interesting photos you discover!With over 4,800,000 downloads worldwide, Otaku Camera has reached 1st Place on camera app rankings of many nations! Otaku Camera is the miraculous app that enables you to have fun with photos by transforming them into manga works of art!
- Over 100 frames! (Japanese, English, Chinese & Spanish)
- Special limited time anime and manga collaborative frames
- Mangatize photos already in your Camera Roll
- Works with front-facing camera or rear camera. Have fun alone or with family and friends!
- You can save, email, tweet, or even post your photos to Facebook!
Laugh and have fun while creating unique photos!
New collaborative frames with popular anime, manga, and movies are always releasing.
There is always new and exciting content to look forward to!

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The top page has been completely refreshed!Now you can click the new SUKI! & Share button on other people’s photos that you like.Be sure to click SUKI! & Share on all the photos that catch your attention!

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