Stylish Photo Suit
حجم:۷.۸ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱.۰.۲(۱۳۹۶/۰۹/۰۴)
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Stylish Photo Suit #1
Stylish Photo Suit #2
Stylish Photo Suit #3
Stylish Photo Suit #4
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Stylish Photo Suit #6


Stylish photo suit app and check out what's new in men style related to suits. Install Stylish Photo Suit and get a virtual closet that complements your individual style. If you interested in Designer Clothes then this Photo Editor application for you.

Take a photo with your mobile cam with suitable pose. Erase unwanted areas of captured photograph based on suit pose. You can choose already saved photos from gallery.Share your edited Pictures on Social Media and show your friend circle.

How to use and features:

- Select image from gallery or capture from camera.
- Choose your Stylish Photo from the collection of photo Suit.
- Add photo effects on your image.
- If you want , you can change image while editing.
- Rotate and scale image using fingers to properly set your image.
- Use flip button to flip image horizontally.
- Share your image directly using our direct share options.
- Set your image to wallpaper.

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