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Photo Touch Art. Turn Photo Into Painting!

Photo Touch Art. Turn Photo Into Painting!

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حداقل سازگاری:   Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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Turn photos into paintings easily with painting photo effects!

Create awesome paintings using deep art technology! There are many stunning photo filters for your pictures in this cool photo editor!

With a help of 'Photo Touch Art' you can apply a lot of wonderful picture effects with a touch of your finger: oil painting effect, sketch filter, pop art effect, retro filter, polygon style and many other unusual effects.

★ Photo to painting: With deep art effects you can turn photo into art. You’ll find many awesome paintings in this painting photo editor. Convert photo to painting and impress your friends!
★ Brush: You can use brush to apply cool filters partially.
★ Easy to use: This is a very simple photo editor and it’s easy to use. It provides a wide range of cool photo effects.

How to change photo into painting?

1) Pick an image from your gallery or take a shot with your camera.
2) Choose one of cool photo effects: polygon art effect, pencil sketch filter, oil painting effect, pop art filter, retro photo effect or other.
3) Get a beautiful painting from photo.
4) Also you can tune all photo filters to get an ideal result and your images will look like real paintings.
5) Use a brush to partially apply any photo to painting effect: you can blend several filters, for example, oil painting effect and pencil sketch, or retro photo effect and polygon art.
6) Share a brilliant photo to painting artwork with your friends!

This simple picture editor has many awesome photo effects:
★ Awesome pencil sketch effect to make your photo look like a sketch. Using this cool photo editor you can easily turn your photo into a real pencil sketch!
★ Artistic effects. Make your photo look like a color sketch, oil painting or watercolor painting using 'Photo Touch Art'. Oil painting effect can turn your photo into art.
★ Retro photo effect. Make your image look old with vintage photo effects and various color filters. There are many cool retro photo filters.
★ Polygon art. Transform your images to poly art using special filters for photos.
★ Pop art effect. Create wonderful artworks with cool photo effects such as pop art.

If you enjoy this painting photo editor, please, honestly rate 'Photo Touch Art' on Google Play and give us your review. If you don’t like something, please, let us know about! We really appreciate your support!
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