Diwali Photo Frame
حجم:۸.۹ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱.۰.۰(۱۳۹۶/۰۷/۲۶)
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“Diwali”the festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness is approaching fast. Thinking of taking some great pictures during this Diwali ??

“Diwali Photo Frames” is here to make your Diwali memorable.

Get Devotional and spiritual with this beautiful Diwali Photo Frames.

A must have camera photo frame app for you to capture all your memorable moments during this Deepavali celebration and give your friends and family members some mind-blowing surprises!

Diwali Photo Frames includes frame like wishes messages, wishes images and pictures. This app lets you make a photo frame with your photo in it and with Diwali Wishes. So make as many photo frames you like and send it to all your friends and family members. With this app you can share your beautiful creations and greetings in a different, beautiful and stylish way.

Diwali Photo Frames suits your individual style and an excellent Photo frame can definitely enhance the beauty of the picture it holds.

 Free and Easy to use .
 User Friendly interface.
 Add different effects to your photo.
 30+ Diwali frames .
 Share your edited image to your friends or family members through social network sites
 Set saved image as your smart phone wallpapers.

 Select your photos from gallery or take it from your phone camera.
 Select your favorite Diwali photo frames from the collection.
 Fit selected photo in Diwali photo frame by drag, rotate, zoom in or zoom out.
 You can add text on this Diwali photo frame with different fonts and different colors and various font sizes.
 Save your beautiful designed Diwali frames on SD card .

May the divine light of Diwali spread into your life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good health !!!!!

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