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Photo editor enables you to enhance the beauty of your pic with some impeccable photo editing options in store.
Explore the numerous photo editing options of this pic editor to give your pic a stunning look like never before.
Want to edit your pic with some amazing photo filters options? Then photo editor free is the ideal pic editor you must be looking for.Key features of photo editor free
1. Photo enhancement
Numerous photo enhancing options for your pics.
2. Vignette effect
Use this pic editor to give your pic a vignette effect.
3. Photo crop
Crop your pic using this pic editor.
4. Photo filters
Variety of photo filters options to effectively edit your pics.
5. Lighting
Improve the lighting of your pic.
6. Whiten pic
Whiten your pic using this pic editor.
7. Blemishes removal
Remove any kind of blemishes on your pic using this photo editor.
8. Photo effects
Give a blur effect and a splash effect to your pic.
9. Save the pic to the photo gallery. Also, share the photo through platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Photo editor free is the best pic editor for photo filters. Download this top photo editor app and explore all the options in photo filters, all for free.

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

+ Fixed minor defects ...+ Major modifications related to UI and defect fixing...
+ Fixed crash in android lollipop version...
+ Gpsl Update.
+ Fixed multiple defects.
+ Fixed crash in latest release.
+ Fixed save issue.
+ Ad Free version available.

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