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- Name On Anniversary pics -

Using Name On Anniversary pics you can easily wish your friends & family member's Anniversary pics with his/her name of couple on pics to make more realistic.

First choose best pic from all pics listed & write name of Anniversary Couple.

How to used :

- You have to select any one design of your favourite pic.
- Press on Name text of the pic and you have option for that to write name of Anniversary couple.
- You can also save the Anniversary pic on Name On Anniversary pic folder in your SD card.
- You have option to share the image of Name on Anniversary pics via social media.
- You can also set Name On Anniversary pics as a wallpaper or whatsapp profile picture.
- You can also delete unwanted image of name and photo on Anniversary pics using delete option.

Celebrate Anniversary with best Anniversary pics using name of the couple and photo of that couple to send via social link.

Enjoy Anniversary and happy Anniversary to your friends and family members...!

Thank you....!

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