Birthday Photo Frame
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Now decorate your pictures with high quality Birthday photo frame and effects. and set your photo in different frames.

Birthday Photo Frame application is specially created with nice realistic and Beautiful Birthday Cakes Hd frames.

Make your most important day more beautiful and festive with this Birthday Photo Frames.

Write name of your friends, relatives and dears name on birthday cakes and wish him. Name Photo On Birthday Cake is an amazing app Which lets you wish with beautiful Birthday Cake by writing your friends Name and Photo in Birthday Card frames On desired Birthday Cake and also share them.

Photos with frames can be saved and shared through your social media sites.

Use the app to create beautiful pictures for your family photo albums, kids or baby photo albums, or your love photo albums without the need of professional photographers.

You have number of birthday greetings and stickers in this app to generate creative photos and share it in online platforms. You can write text on greetings with different types of text fonts and colors. You can make it as set as wallpaper and send to your friends.


- Creative Birthday Greetings.
- Birthday stickers and Cakes.
- Write quotations by using Text option.
- Easy to use and share.

Amazing Feature Of Birthday Photo Frames:

- Birthday Photo Frame include High quality and Colourful HD frames.
- 20+ surprising photo Birthday Frames.
- Select photo from your phone gallery or take photo using the camera.
- Add Colourful Stylish Text Over Photo.
- Add Birthday Sticker Over Photo.
- Photos can be adjusted to frames by Zoom in, zoom out and move with your fingers
- Select image filter to give your photos effective and different look.
- Share photos and greetings with your friends via social networks.
- You can save your photo with frame to your SD card in high quality.
- No internet connection needed.
- Easy and simplified for you.

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