Man T-Shirt Photo Suit Editor
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Man t-shirt photo suit editor is photography application to set different t-shirts on your face with man hair style and beard photo editor.

Using Man t-shirt photo suit editor app you can create awesome pic with lot's of office style background. Man casual t-shirt photo suit editor have background eraser tool which use easy to remove unwanted background and swap with you loved one place or color.

Man t-shirt photo editor have lot's of sticker to change your face style like man beard photo editor,man hairstyle changer,tattoo photo and many more.man t-shirt photo suit is perfect photo effect editor with more then 100+ cool photo effects.

Man t-shirt photo frame have largest collection of photo frame near by 100+ casual and fancy t-shirt frame available in different color,size and style.also we provided our best color changer tools so you can change shirt color as you like.

Steps of use:

1. Take a photo from the gallery or camera.
2.Crop and remove unwanted part from your pic using background eraser.
2. Choose suit frame from our largest t-shirt collection
3. Adjust your face on suit image.
5. Add sticker and change your style like hairstyle,beards and many more.
6. Choose different background from your SD card or default background of this app.
7.Decorate and give awesome look with our cool effects collection.
8. Save your photo in Sd Card and share with your friends and family

New Features:
=> 100+ fancy t-shirt photo frame available in different color and style.
=> 50 background template
=> Eraser for removing unwanted background.
=> Different beautiful sticker with emoji.
=> Different style of text on image.
=> Different cool effects to add your photo
=> Suit and sticker color changer

Man T-Shirt Photo Suit Editor app is completely free to download. Let us know if you face any problem or suggestion to improve app quality. We will definitely try to solve it . Please contact us at photosuiteditor@gmail.com

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