Gangster Photo Editor
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Can you look like real gangster ? It's possible? Many quetion are there but don't worry it's simple to look like real gangster to easy.

Use the editor you make your looks like real gangster so easy step.and many sticker style are there . So just creat your photo with wixks, thugs style, gun, mustach, sigrate, rings etc. All features free no any charges.

How's function are there?
- Selfi click or pick from gallery both function to use .
- Crop image function.
- Choose style to list of style
- Drage arrow to set sticker in your face.
- Set optacity to set sticker optacity to macth your pic.

Amazing and best application to make your picture awesome trending and great

Make your photo a gangsta, villain, gangster, swag, thug etc
Best photo editing app to make your photo look like gangster and swag and thug easy to use with best features and stickers to you

Amazing app for you to make amazing and cool gangster photos just for fun

A new thug is in the ghetto! Take a walk on the social networks in gangsta style, and this photo studio will give you a hand. All of your friends will love your “cool prank” and they would also want to try these great face in hole templates. Use this “gangster photo maker” on any occasion, because it works perfectly fine when you're offline. Remember that this is a photo editor free download, so there are really no obstacles on your journey to funny pictures, simply download Gangsta Photo Montage and become a gangster thug! You will see in short notice that this is the most amazing picture editor that you have ever tried out, and we are sure that you will never regret downloading it!

 One of the top photo editing apps, easy to use!
 Lots of cool gangsta stickers for your images!
 Choose an image from the gallery of your phone or take a new one!
 Apply “gangsta stickers” & cool photo frames!
 Lots of cool face in hole templates for your pictures!
 Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out and drag the stickers to fit the image!
 Make a cool prank with your friends' photos “in da club” & hood!
 Choose a pic from the picture gallery on your phone!
 Take a new picture and put it in one of the gangsta templates & cool photo frames!
 Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out and drag a pic to make it fit the frame as you like it!
 Save your funny pictures and pranks in gangsta face in hole templates, on your phone and set them as wallpapers!
 Share these hilarious insta images with friends on Facebook and Twitter!

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Look like gangster.

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