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Recipe unit conversion calculator: Convert volume & weight measurements in recipes. Makes scaling servings yields up or down easy for cooks, bakers, & chefs at home or the restaurantFEATURES:
* Values can be entered and displayed as either fractions or decimals
* Will make the coveted 'grams to cups' conversion, as well as other weight/volume conversions, based on user-selectable weight factor parameter
* Quick switch between scaling yields to general 1:1 units (by tapping 'Yield' section to collapse it)
* Also serves as a general reference of cooking units, temperatures & gas marks, and decimal equivalents to fractions

If you want to, for instance, know how many tablespoons are in a cup:
Set the ratio to 1:1 by either clearing out the top section or collapsing it (by tapping the header labeled 'Yield'. Tapping the header again will bring it back). Now you can see the equivalent amount in any unit for any unit that you enter into the 'Original' field.
*** Please PLEASE use the 'Contact Developer' link here in the Android Market to report bugs && request features! It's way easier to discuss things in depth that way! ***
*** To the few who have commented that it's 'stupid' to have the 'Rate' button where it is, please stop && think. You don't HAVE to rate it before using it, nor are you even being asked to. You will notice that there are 2 buttons. This is the 'About' dialog that is shown the first time you run any new version or tap the 'About' menu item. ***

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2.5001 [Mar 15, 2013]: The last update for Recipe Convert free. Internet permissions and ad code have been removed. The paid version is much nicer and continues to be updated and improved. Please consider purchasing it. Think of it as a tip: Less than the cost of a single cup of coffee for my many hours of work on something you can use as much as you like. Compare this to conventional tipping for a meal which you use once and is both prepared and gone relatively quickly.Tip me for my dance?

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