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Donate a Photo - a charity app for giving #1
Donate a Photo - a charity app for giving #2
Donate a Photo - a charity app for giving #3
Donate a Photo - a charity app for giving #4


Donate a Photo, the free donation app from Johnson & Johnson takes your photos and turns them into a way to do good. For every photo you share through Donate a Photo, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to the charity of your choice.

Your photos can do things like help a newborn breathe with Save the Children, get school supplies for a girl in Guatemala with Girl Up, or help a deployed service member call home with the USO.

Here’s how it works:
1. Choose a charity you want to help.
2. Take a picture with your mobile device (through the Donate a Photo app or choose one from your camera roll).
3. Share it (It’ll go in the Donate a Photo gallery and you can post it for all your friends to see on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).
4. Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to your cause.

You can donate one photo a day, every day. And when your friends see your photos in their feeds, they’ll get inspired to help, too. So you can all raise more money and awareness and help your causes meet their goals even faster—and it's free.

Johnson & Johnson has curated a list of trusted charitable causes, and when a cause reaches its goal, or its donation period ends, a new cause gets added. Even if a cause doesn’t reach its goal, Johnson & Johnson will still give a minimum donation.

You can track all the causes you’ve helped, see what your photos have helped do, and get notified when your causes reach their goals or when a new cause is added.

It’s never been easier to help the causes you care about. It's free—so get the app and get started.

*Donate a Photo is not intended for users under the age of 13.

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Hey there, we’re so excited to share that Donate a Photo has been 100% rebuilt from top to bottom—making it smoother, sleeker, and more responsive than ever.

—Donating and sharing your pics to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is now faster than ever.
—Nifty new animations.
—A revamped photo gallery.

We’ve now passed two and a half million photos. Thanks for all your help supporting the lives of others with these truly special causes.

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