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حجم:۴.۷ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱.۰(۱۳۹۶/۰۱/۳۱)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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👍🌟Android Custom & Stock ROM Index with Multi-device Support & Push Notifications 📱💡

Welcome to the ROM Index App. This app will help you find the best custom ROMs for your Android Device on the go. This app differs from all the other ROM Finder apps on the Play Store, as they are simply a web view of a website.

This app will ask you for your devices, and then through our machine learning find fetch you the ROMs which you might like for your android device. The feed will be developed for you, and your device.
You will have an option to add as many devices as you like, and the respective and the consolidated feed will be updates from time to time. So that you can just browse for more interesting ROMs on a daily basis without any hassle.

You have an option to favourite the ROMs you like, and save them for later if you do not wish to download them at the point of time. The local data will be synced with the app, and whenever you log in from any other device, all you favourite ROMs will be intact.

This app alone will do all the heavy lifting in finding you ROMs, helping you save them for later download, and also you will be able to find ROMs on any other device, with the login option.

NOTE: This app does not root your device. It does not modify any system files. The sole purpose of the app is to provide ROMs from all over the internet to you with push notifications seamlesly. It also provides helpful information about root and Android.
If you want to Root your device you can easily find root guides by searching on Rootmyandroid.org or you can search on Goolge.com

This Custom ROM Index for Android Application comes with the following Features

✅ Get Latest Custom ROMs from all over the Internet Directly to your Smartphone 🌏🌏
✅ Search for Stock ROM for Your Device
✅ Add and manage Your Devices
✅ Get Push Notifications when a New ROM is released for your Devices🌟
✅ We Do Not Spam Push Notification, We only notify you when ROM is available specifically for your device
✅ Add ROMs that you like to Favorites🛡♥
✅ Universal Search for Android Custom ROMs
✅ Each ROM has Important Data as follows
. 🎯 Device Name
. 🎯 Android Version
. 🎯 ROM Kernel
. 🎯 Build Status (Beta/Stable/Nightly/Test)
. 🎯 Developer Name 😎
. 🎯 Date Created On
. 🎯 Screenshots 📸
. 🎯 Tutorial to Flash ROM
. 🎯 Download/Source Link
✅ Manage your Devices & Favorites over Multiple Devices by Logging In through Gmail/Google+
✅ Logging in Made Easy with just 2 Taps( Every One has a Google Account on an Android Device)
✅ Add New ROM though the App (Beta)🎈
✅ Search Featured Tutorials For Android Devices (Exclusive)
✅ Feedback & Support Right From the App📧

This app has been made in association with rootmyandroid.org, which is a blog posting tutorials to help users root their respective devices and other root related tutorial like installing custom recoveries etc.

Please don't leave negative feedback about a concern, bug or issue!
That Negative feedback will be hard to consider as we have no way of knowing more information from you. Rather, why not contact Through support and Notify us to make the App better for everyone.

📬You can always email us roomindex.com@gmail.com,
📬Contact me on our web site - http://romindex.com/contact-us/
📬Just Ping us with your feedback, suggestions and comments and we'll do our best to solve your issues.

You can also contact us for feature requests.

We do Our best to assist as many people as possible and appreciate all the support that has made this application successful!

Contact us on romindex.com@gmail.com for any further assistance, Business, feature requests or queries

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👍🌟Android Custom & Stock ROM Index with Multi-device Support & Push Notifications 📱💡

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