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Another service provided by the Servehana Psychological Research Institute, in collaboration with the Mahtab Counseling Center, is the Fargo Online Counseling App. Fargo has several important features on its agenda. There is critique of effectiveness and quality. This means that they can, at the same time and to the same extent, improve efficient and profound classical psychotherapies; do they also have this feature? Let's answer this question three times; pessimistic: no. Optimistic: Yes. Realistic: To some extent.

Psychology is a science that deals with probabilistic possibilities. When we talk about realism, we mean a fair attitude. A fair attitude makes us understand the advantages and disadvantages of each category, try to reduce the disadvantages and improve the advantages.

Fargo application has provided a web based app so that all Iranian compatriots inside and outside the country can easily solve their worries by using only a smartphone and at a low cost at any time of the day or night.

Fargo reduces costs and, while saving time, leads the community to counseling services to solve the problems, norms and problems of their personal and social lives. This method can be an important tool for people who seek professional help in the field of mental health for themselves or those around them.

People can communicate with a counselor in a variety of ways via their phone or computer. By video and audio messaging with consultants who all have the necessary qualifications to provide professional and specialized services.

Simply put, counseling and psychological services are provided over the Internet. Many studies have confirmed the effectiveness of online counseling as well as face-to-face counseling. For people who have difficulty accessing counseling services because of the distance, for people with disabilities, or because of illness or other concerns such as having a small or elderly child at home, leaving home to go to a counseling office. There are difficulties with this method, this method can alleviate the concerns in this case. Most likely, this is a convenient and encouraging way for people who do not want to meet and talk face to face with a counselor. It was easier for them to write or talk on the phone, so our concern came from the heart of society; A society whose citizens suffer daily from personal and public problems and norms.

It is true that telephone counseling cannot be a classic psychotherapy, but it is certainly effective. Let's look at it this way.

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