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Do you like ninja from konoha? This app is reference anime costume for cosplayer!. Change your eyes to sharingan like Sasuke uchiha or kakashi by use tool. Real sharingan eye editor is packed with realistic sharingan eyes.

Sharingan Rasengan Eyes Photo Maker Studio Editor let's you edit yourself on Photos with cool sharingan eyes to impress your friends or family.

Just drag & drop sharingan eye sticker and be a part of the clan uchiha !!
Easy to be Great!! change your eye into eye sharingan by sharingan eye editor, add more effect like susanoo and amaterasu and be a uchiha legend like itachi or Sasuke.

'Real Sharingan Eye Maker' in our 'eye color changer' app are perfect for all anime fans out there! And for those who want to try something completely different in a face beauty app! Change eye color in pictures with Sharingan filter and explore different colored contacts. First, take a selfie, or choose a pic from your photo album and start the Rinnegan eyes color editor. There are regular [red contacts] for a real Sharingan effect, and we also offer other styles of anime eyes. Electric blue, neon green, and yellow contacts – all here as special effects contacts! Sharingan eye editor is perfect as a contact lenses Halloween choice! But, you don't have to wait for that scary holiday to have the real Sharingan eyes! Are you satisfied with your eye color? Do you feel like you need a change? If you want to try out different 'contact lenses color' but are afraid of the outcome, feel free to explore our black and red photo editor – Uchiha eyes lens photo editor with red eye effect!

Stunning visual arts effects – just like you are a jiujitsu master! Prepare for hypnosis with red circles! Dream state will help you get that fantasy transformation! Get all eyes types just like your manga hero! Get olhos sharingan app!

• All sharingan eyes are in high quality (HD) picture
• Upload photo from photo gallery or camera
• More than 100 sharingan eyes : amaterasu sticker, shuriken, rasengan, ninja weapon, susanoo, mangekyou sharingan, byakugan, rinnegan, sage mode eyes, sharingan wallpaper , rinnegan wallpaper, nine tailed fox mode
• Share your amazing pictures on Facebok, Whatsapp, or other sosmed

With Uchiha 'Real Sharingan Eye Maker' you can change your eyes to sharingan like Uchiha Itachi or sasukee, you can add byakugan or rinnegan to like madara. This app is packed with realistic sharingan eyes and more effects.

Features for this photo stickers editor :
☢ uchiha eyes camera lets you rotate, scale and adjust Sharingan lens editor to fit the size of your photo!
☢ Share the eye images on major social networks - scary contact lenses will amaze your friends!
☢ Don't forget to save the outcome as sharingan eyes wallpaper once you create your own Sharingan contact lenses!
☢ Color photo editor ninja with photo effects funny is completely FREE of charge!
☢ Eye colour changer supports horizontal orientation and works great on both mobile phones and tablet devices!

:: Features ::
- sharingan eyes
- sharingan eyes Colors
- sharingan eyes Red
- sharingan eyes Blue
- easy sharingan eyes
- free sharingan eyes
- sharingan eyes camera

Next Update:
★ Amaterasu, Susanoo, Rasen Shuriken, chidori, nine tail mode

If you are tired of regular face beauty makers, join us for something different but appealing! Cool colored contact lenses will wait you here in our sticker edit app and you will have a chance to try out a complete virtual makeover! Don't waste your chance and explore your color change pics editing skills! Free download eye photo editor and master the combat fighter skills with evil eye photo effect! magic eye color effect and anime editor will give you super powers and martial arts! Apply all the options in this face editor and choose all the cool photo effects!

Contact us if your device not supported or have problem with This Real sharingan Eye App Maker.
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