Hide Pictures -PhotoSafe Vault
Hide Pictures -PhotoSafe Vault

Hide Pictures -PhotoSafe Vault

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★ Hide pictures and videos to keep safe of your privacy!Trying to hide photos and videos, and lock them in a security place? Worried about security when lost your phone or somebody looked at your photos or videos?
Then check this security application out, PhotoSafe! Store your gallery and media in vault, keep safe of your personal images and videos! PhotoSafe is a fantastic privacy protection app to easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos that you do not want others to see!

No one could touch your private gallery without permission, and no one could see your hidden photos and videos! That is the power of Photo Safe! Keep safe for photos and videos!
✔ Photo Safe is better than others because:
* Hide photos and videos with most efficiency, it is the best app to hide photos or hide videos
* Photo Safe is very easy to use, you can watch your public and private photos in one app
■ Photo Safe has the best privacy features:
* Hide and Lock Photos/Videos
* Folder management for hidden photos, Copy or Move your pictures inside folders
* Hide or unhide your pictures on one page
* Thumbnails view of your pictures and videos
* Hide app icon from 'recent apps' list
* Hide app from 'installed apps' list and dial a secret number to open it
* Support 'Launch from Browser' with the address of 'http://safe.eday.io'
■ Quoto:
'Very good, wouldn't survive without it. I can lock away all pictures taken of my child for protection in case my phone gets stolen. Yeah Excellent!”
“This app is awesome! Very easy to hide pictures and videos, Keep safe of all my private photos and videos.”
■ Permissions Explained :
1)PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS - Dial 2222 or pin number to enter Photo Safe
2)UNINSTALL_SHORTCUT, INSTALL_SHORTCUT - Hide app icon from application list
Q: Where are my private photos and videos stored?
A: Private photos files are under /sdcard/.photosafe_DoNotDelete/camera/images
Private videos are under /sdcard/.photosafe_DoNotDelete/camera/videos
Q: I got a new phone, how to transfer my private pictures from old phone to new phone?
A: There are two steps. First step is copying entire folder /sdcard/.photosafe_DoNotDelete on old phone and then paste it to new phone. Second step is installing PhotoSafe on new phone. Then you should be able to get all your medias exactly the same as your old phone.
Please note, the /sdcard/.photosafe_DoNotDelete is a hidden folder, you need to use some file explorers to view and copy this folder to the new phone.
Q: I already installed PhotoSafe on my new phone, how can I transfer the pictures of my old phone?
A: If you do not have any private medias on your new phone, you can uninstall PhotoSafe and then delete /sdcard/.photosafe_DoNotDelete entire folder. Then you can follow previous Q&A to transfer medias from old phone to new phone.
If you already have quite a few medias on your new phone, you can copy files under /sdcard/.photosafe_DoNotDelete/camera/images from old phone and then copy them to the same directory on new phone. Also remember to copy files are under /sdcard/.photosafe_DoNotDelete/camera/videos. After that, on your new phone, go to settings -> Scan missing files, they will be find in private Lost + Found folder.
It’s a pure photo locker and gallery vault app, it does great job to help you to hide gallery, hide photo, lock photo, hide picture or hide video!
No compromise about the photo hide and pictures security! Also it’s gallery lock, hide photo, lock photo, hide picture and photo vault easily, it will keep safe of your photos and pictures, hide photo and lock photo in a safe place. Hide pictures, hide photos and lock pictures in a safe place, you can transfer to a new phone to hide photos and lock pictures in vaulty. Hide pictures and photos with security!
We provide this app for you to hide pictures and videos, you can use PhotoSafe to hide photos, lock pictures, lock videos, hide videos, lock for gallery, and take full control of your privacy!

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

- Optimising the Password Input UIV2.0.3
- Continue playing the video from last time
- Optimize performance
- Raise the encryption strength
- Avoid Clean Tools to delete private files
- Optimize performance

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