One Eye Browser Beta (Camera)
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One Eye Browser Beta (Camera) #1
One Eye Browser Beta (Camera) #2
One Eye Browser Beta (Camera) #3
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★ Probably the best free spy camera app for Android!
★ A browser and camera at the same time!
★ Snap pics while you browse! Unnoticeably!
★ Paid version is now available!

☆ Similar to: Spy Phone, Mobile Hidden Camera, Super Spy Camera, Callcam, SpyCam, SpyShot, Spy Camera, SilentSnap, SilentCam

Device Compatibility
Users have reported the following:
⇒ HTC Desire S: video quality problem.
⇒ HTC Desire HD: user reported can't record video in 480p.
⇒ Huawei Mercury: video and cc not working.
⇒ Motorola: Problems? Send email!
⇒ SGS2 Skyrocket SGH-I727: video recording problem.

★ Supports images, video, and audio!
★ Browser disguise with bookmarks support (e.g. read news, email, facebook)
★ Blackout Mode: pitch black screen, stays awake, touch to start/stop.
★ Camera Preview mode
★ Front camera support
★ Continuous shooting
★ No shutter sounds ('workarounds' for devices that do)
★ Hi-res images
★ Video recording at 480p (trial 5s HD 720p/1080p recording)
★ Vibration or zero notifications
★ Show/hide media in Gallery
★ Customizable hot keys
★ Shortcut profiles

Paid Version Additional Features
☆ No ads
☆ No 'Spy' keyword in app name (sorry, I need it in Beta so users can find this app)
☆ 720p/1080p HD video recording (only if your device supports it!)
☆ Full-screen browsing
☆ Unlimited video length
☆ Auto-split video files by time or file size
☆ Shake Detection
☆ Browser Disguise with full bookmarks support
☆ Extended set of preference parameters
☆ Shortcuts: create shortcuts via predefined or customizable preferences
☆ Full set of browser bookmarks

To Do List
★ Fixes for bug reports on each device are typically highest priority
★ Tablets support: gesture trigger bottom panel
★ PIP feature for Camera Preview
★ Video capture without sound option
★ Widget for paid version

1. Expect bugs!
2. Expect camera hardware differences!
3. Send email if you experience problems, otherwise it can't be fixed! (I don't own your device)

To get prompt response to a problem, send me an email with:
1. Problem description (What did you try to do?)
2. Debug log (Enable Debug Mode and reproduce the problem)

Known Limitations
⇒ 720p/1080p HD video recording available for testing before buying.
⇒ Capturing stops when app becomes background.
⇒ LED lights may remain on for several seconds when entering Blackout mode. For Samsung devices, turn lights off: Settings > Display > Touch key light duration
⇒ Blurry pics? Try increasing Continuous Blink Delay.
⇒ Shutter sound: Some regional devices deliberately won't allow shutting off the shutter sound via the System volume, so it is a limitation of your device, not this app. Shutter Sound Workaround 1 and 2 allow you to workaround this problem. See the app's Help for details.

Tips and Tricks
⇒ Better image quality: Try increasing Continuous Blink Delay.
⇒ Reduce blurred output: Keep your hands steady and enable Shake Detection.
⇒ Shortcuts: Launch One Eye in different profiles using (customizable) shortcut profiles.
⇒ Change app icon by using an app (e.g. Any Cut), or launcher (e.g. Go Launcher).
⇒ Gallery is slow. Use faster image viewers: e.g. QuickPic, Scalado Album

Permission Requirements
⇒ INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: required for browser and ads
⇒ READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: required for listing bookmarks in browser
⇒ The rest should be obvious.

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

1.7.0 (2014-07-22):
★ New: Allow enable/disable fail & success vibrations.
★ New: Hide software keys on blackout.

★ Fixed: Startup force close on some devices.
★ Fixed: Video recording on some devices.
★ Fixed: 0 byte video file caused by view orientation (i.e. portrait/landscape) problems.
★ Fixed: startup initialization on some devices.
★ Fixed: Enforce portrait or landscape mode to prevent Force Close.
★ New: ISO setting.
★ New: long-press in browser context menu.

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