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Insta Square photo Snap Pic Grid Photo Effect is the perfect photo square editor to post full size picture on Instagram.

Insta Square photo Snap Pic Grid Photo Blur Effect make the size photo so easy by blur background. And you can simply to use it .

Insta Square photo Snap Pic Grid is free and wonderful .You will love it so much! Insta Square is proud of No cropping and amazing effect.

With Snap function you can add the text and emoji together and share the snap pic for instagram. Insta SquareBlur Snap Pic Grid is the best photo editor to make the popular snap for you .

Insta Square Blur Snap Pic Grid is also a perfect collage maker, with hundreds layouts, patterns backgrounds, lots stickers and so on, for share moment to Instagram for friend all over the worlds.

-Provides Snap Pic for you
You can make the photo be square . And add the snap on photo. We provide the snap function for you that you can white the text and add the emojis together. Make your photo be popular with snap .

-Adds blur background for you
Blur is a very popular function. If you don’t know blur come here! if you love blur come on ! Insta Square will create beautiful photos with nice blur backgrounds, And you can adjust the blur-level with your finger.At the same time you can also use your another photos be blurred. Enjoy it !

-Having Magic mosaics background
Surprise! Insta Square give you the best and Unforgettable background. Mosaics background is a magic effect which can make your photo in dream world. Try it ! You will must fall in love it !

-It contains Gradient/straw/ solid background ……
Do you think the background is not enough? Never mind There are lots of background for you. Gradient background is beautiful and straw is easy to use. And a large number of pattern background is coming! coming !coming !

-Shadow function ——Use shadow be cool!

-Also Add frames to photo
Great frames is a necessary way to make your photos be good. Everyone love it . There are 8 frames and will be more and better.

-Add stickers and filters to your photo
High quality and full size photos will be post with beautiful stickers and colorful filters.

-Powerful text effect
You can write words by text function on your photos. It’s the most useful function as you know. Write down your mood!

-Share your photos to any service including Instagram,Twitter, Facebook WhatsApp and so on.

Insta Square Photo Snap Pic Grid Photo Blur Effect is the best and easy way to create full size photos on instagram with no cropping.

Download Insta Square Photo Snap Pic Grid and post your square photo by blur background on Instagram.

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