حجم:۱۴.۸ مگابایت
نسخه: ۲.۶.۰.۳۶۰۰(۱۳۹۴/۰۳/۲۳)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 2.2 (Froyo)
عکس و فیلم
GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera #1
GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera #2
GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera #3
GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera #4
GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera #5
GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera #6


☆☆☆☆☆GifBoom is the most powerful and best Android App for GIFs! Support Android 2.2 and above but best experience is achieved for Android 4.0 and above. Try us out! It is free.
☆ Wow your friends with high-res, cool Animated GIFs! ☆
'a Tumblr users new best friend.' - The Next Web
' GifBoom is perhaps the kind of app you may not know you want, but may quickly learn to love with a little playtime.' - App Advice
With GifBoom you can make animated GIFs from your camera, or your Photo Library, in 30 seconds! You can send the GIFs to your friends by Email, MMS or Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr.
☆ Create animated GIFs in 60 seconds
☆ Auto and Manual mode: Change speed of your auto timer in camera shooting or use 'Manual' mode. You can control whatever speed you want to take photos.
☆ Make GIFs from Video, Photos or existing GIFs
☆ One Tap Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Email and MMS
☆ Save GIFs to camera gallery
☆ Change the speed of your GIF with live preview
☆ Live Filters!
☆ Rotate the GIFs with live preview
☆ Add Text to Your Gifs!
☆ Portrait and Landscape orientation supported
☆ Unlimited uploads for sharing
☆ GifBoom is a vibrant community to share your creative gifs with friends and more, right on your phone!
☆ Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments
☆ Support front & back camera (Front camera is only supported for Android 2.3 and above)
☆ And much much more...
It's a whole lot of fun to bring up your creativity and share with the world. Try us out, it's free. Send your ideas and suggestions to feedback@gifboom.com

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☆ Music: you can now add and play Music with your GIF☆ Now you can use 60 frames!☆ Added Q&A Support☆ Fixed crashes when opening Asks and Private Messages for some devicesWe are busy working on major updates! Stay tuned. Thank you from Gifboom HQ.

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