Pencil Sketch - Pencil Camera
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Pencil Sketch - Pencil Camera #1
Pencil Sketch - Pencil Camera #2
Pencil Sketch - Pencil Camera #3
Pencil Sketch - Pencil Camera #4


Pencil Camera is a smart phone app which converts your picture to pencil sketches. Just select your image from gallery or take a new picture with camera and the app will automatically convert the photo into pencil drawn sketches within seconds. You can increase the pencil tip intensity by selecting either low, medium, high.
The image can be stored to external memory with a single click or share with your friends by clicking share button.
1- Convert any type of image into pencil sketch with in seconds.
2- Works with high speed and efficiency.
3- With the best algorithm for pencil sketch conversion in the market
3- Picture can be selected from your gallery or
4- take a new picture by selecting 'Take'
5- play with pencil intensity by selecting low, medium and high
6- Save pencil sketch to your phone external memory
7- Instant share pencil sketch with friends
The Bugs you report through email is important for us. Please take a moment to give good review on app
Note: As we are offering this app completely free, so we have included some Adds.

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