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Archangels #1


Archangel, from Greek: arkhaggelos, (arkhos, principal, aggelos, messenger), Latin ecclesiáticos: archangelus, is the main angel or angel of the highest order (the octave) in the celestial hierarchy. In the Christian bible, the term appears only twice and only in the New Testament (see later in the Christianity section).

The Hebrew Bible uses the terms מלאכי אלוהים (malakhi Elohim, 'angel of God'), מלאכי אֲדֹנָי (malakhi Adonai, 'Angel of the Lord'), בני אלוהים (b'nei elohim, 'sons of God') and השוםים - qodeshim, 'the saints') to refer to beings traditionally interpreted as angelic messengers. Other terms are used in later texts, such as העליוםים (ha-elyonim, 'the lofty ones'). In fact, angels are uncommon, except for later works, such as the Book of Daniel, although they are mentioned briefly in the stories of Jacob (who, according to various interpretations, would have fought against an angel) and Lot, who was warned by An angel of the impending destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Daniel is the first biblical figure who refers to the angels individually, by their names.

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