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Shoebox from Ancestry.com is the best way to scan your old paper photos and share them with family and friends. As featured by Oprah Magazine, USA Today, Wired, Forbes, and the Associated Press.
“It’s an organized nerd’s dream.” - Wired Magazine
Shoebox makes digitizing paper photos easy by turning your Android phone into a mobile photo scanner. Shoebox’s edge detection and perspective correction technology ensures your scans are quick and turn out beautifully. You can save your photos directly to your Ancestry.com family tree and/or your phone’s gallery.
- Edge detection and auto-perspective correction
- Fill in the photo’s backstory by tagging people, dates, and location. You can also add custom captions
- Photos are private unless you choose to share via Email Twitter, or Facebook
- Unlimited free photo storage
Users of Shoebox by 1000memories can view their old photos online by visiting 1000memories.com.

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** Users of Shoebox by 1000memories can view their photos on 1000memories.com **Changes in Shoebox 3.2.4:- Fixed contrast on Add Person screen.

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