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Different Modes Selection:

1: Action Mode
2: Survival Mode
3: Multiplayer PVP Mode
4: Open World Mode in which you can snatch any Muscle car or Sports bike.

Fantastic Fight.io Special Features:<.b>

• Number of Fighting Weapons and Armour upgrades

• Multiplayer Mode and Leaderboard to see worldwide top Players.

• Unbelievable Magical Powers
• Number of different opponents

• HD music and Graphics

• Ultimate Deadly Duel Fight

• Game offers best combinations of Real and Unreal Fighters.

A single-player story mode is also available if you're not up to playing against real people.

Enter the Fight.io Kung fu fighter Online multiplayer game and fight along side powerful and skillful martial arts fighters, kung fu fighters! Use stun and perform a deadly combo in Fight.io Kung fu fighter PvP Tournament.

Prepare yourself to become part of the craziest and toughest kung fu fighter, martial arts fighter tournament the world has ever known! Pick your karate champion character and then enter the fighting arenas from all around the world to do ring battle with some crazy and extreme judo fighters, kung Fu Fighters, martial arts fighter and karate fighters! Keep winning and beat them all to unlock new Kung fu fighters and learn the super powerful special moves!

Who is going to be the King of online PVP Tournament this time? Find out as you immerse yourself in this arcade fighting online video game – Fight.io Kung fu fighter Online multiplayer game!

Participates in this fight club tournament between Kung fu fighters. You have to choose between futuristic fighters, powerful hit or defend in each time. Win your mortal combats in Fight.io Kung fu fighter online PvP Tournament. A lot of fun in this online video game waiting for you.

Get ready for the most violent online Kung fu fighting multiplayer game! Choose your kung fu fighters, karate slayer fighters and stand up in the ring fighting and show how good you are beating your opponents!

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