Selfie Camera free

Selfie Camera free

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It's time for gravity! 💋
Selfie's Camera is specially designed for Selfie's Beauty Camera & Editor with live filters and extracts.

Selfie's Camera is a great collection of quick and action extracts, moments of capturing their own photos of dessert, making each one also funny!

Selfie's Camera is also a beauty camcorder with new makeup and automatic beautification features.

👀Makeup for unique eye styling
Hide your bags under your eyes Provide eye shine with intelligent tools and remove red eyes ✦
✦ Mascara tool instantly adds eye fir, eye pencil and cosmetic contact lens
✦Fake the new eyelashes before the eyelashes actually go get them to fix the nail salon! Try on your favorite nickname eyelash to get to know you in style best suited to you.
Always throw a perfect grace with a natural, confident smile ✦

❤ Realtime Selfie's Filters ❤
A filter on Selfie's Camera ✦ - a filter for a variety of fans and sugar Selfie's, and Label and Photo Editor
✦ Real-time filters make effects skin smooth and bright
✦ Slide and left Selfie's right to choose the best beauty filter
✦ Set up a timer for exposure
✦ Each label can be resized and moved using its movements
✦Selfie's Camera Download - Filter & Label and Photo Editor now start to make great Selfies

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