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Wondershare Player ARMv6 Codec #1
Wondershare Player ARMv6 Codec #2


Wondershare Player Codec for ARMv6 CPU type.
For devices including ZTE, HTC G2, etc.
Fully Supports Android 4.1
** IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a software component for Wondershare Player, you should install Wondershare Player first. Wondershare Player will test your device and show you the best matching codec automatically if it is necessary. You do not need to install codecs unless Wondershare Player asks.Wondershare Player is an all-in-one Video Player & Video Discovery to 'Discover latest videos to watch online & offline'

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

1. Added push notification in App;2. Added the manual switching between portrait and landscape orientation;3. Fixed some bugs.