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Quik Video: Video Editor & Photo Video Sharing

Quik Video: Video Editor & Photo Video Sharing

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Experience​ ​easy​ ​photo/video​ ​recording,​ ​editing,​ ​producing​ ​and​ ​sharing​ with Quik Video. Fire it up and just as easily start working on your media file. Use a photo or video file from your gallery or use the camera to record a new one.

Add watermarks, regular or rotated text, trim the boring parts and your video is ready to be shared. One tap to send your video to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. Working with photos is just as easy to do, just capture the photo, apply professional filters to it (40+ live filters and counting) and then share it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to get likes.

==​ ​FEATURES​ ​==

✔​ ​Record​ ​&​ ​edit​ ​videos​. Use a video from your gallery or quickly record one using your camera. Quik Video includes professional video editing tools that let you add text and image watermarks or trim the video to a particular timeline. You can even add film-making effects such as slow motion or accelerate it with fast motion movement. A pocket-sized video editor.

✔​ ​Photo​ ​editor​. Snap photos with your camera right without leaving Quik Video or pick one from your gallery to start editing. Create your own MEMEs by quickly adding text and image watermarks. Beautify your photos with more than 40 different filters with live result previews - from regular B&W filters to mesmerizing artistic filters, there's literally dozens of choices.

✔​ ​Instant​ ​multi-platform​ ​sharing​. Ever wanted to share videos you produced on multiple social networks at once? You can with Quik Video, just add a title & description for your video and share it to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Share photos with the same easy process (just not on YouTube).

✔​ ​Easy​ ​to​ ​use​ ​&​ ​clean​ ​UI​. Quik Video is self-explanatory and doesn't need any tutorials. As soon as you'll start it you'll see how easy it is to record/pick a video or photo to edit, produce and share. While it has the features to suit the needs of professional vloggers, it's just as easy to use by a casual user too.

✔​ ​Multi-languages​ ​supported​. You can switch the interface language from English to Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic or Simplified Chinese. Other languages are in the works, which makes Quik Video one of the few photo & video editors with multi-language support.

Quik Video is free to use, with unobtrusive ads displayed occasionally. The main purpose is to give you a photo & video editing tool that gives you access to professional features while keeping the interface easy to use for productivity purposes.

==​ ​QUIK​ ​VIDEO​​ ​IS​ ​IDEAL​ ​FOR​ ​==
- Vloggers looking to record, produce & share videos to social media
- Amateur & Semi-professional film-makers
- Arts & filmography students
- Virtually anyone looking for an easy video tool, no experience needed

We’d love it if you could leave your feedback on how we can improve Quik Video to be the best photo & video editor with instant social video sharing. Follow our social accounts to stay updated whenever we have news to share, and feel free to leave a comment:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/myquikvid/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myquikvid/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/simple_video

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