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Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense PSX

Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense PSX

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Category Action
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Developer گروه یاسمن
Size37 MB
Last update6/4/2017
It is time once again for another randy bout of vehicular homicide through the most literal interpretation of the phrase possible! You'll travel across the US through a series of levels meting out destruction, and what's more, you'll gain upgrades to you car as you total your opposition. One player mode will offer you the option of the Quest Mode, where you travel the land trying to meet your given mission objectives as your character's storyline unfolds, or you can simply dive straight into the action by choosing Arcade or Survival Mode.

Want to bring a friend along for the ride? You're in luck, Vigilante 8: Second Offense offers up a two player split screen cooperative mode in addition to the traditional VS mode. Cooperative action is split off into two separate options in of itself. You and a buddy can blast away cars in until one of you dies, or there are no others left, you you can take them along on a tour of the US in a two player version of the one player Quest mode. Two players at once will still be able to save or load their customized cars and weapons/improvements and scores with separate memory cards so you an get into some high powered blasting action that way.

Your car is customizable and will develop over the course of a game. As you destroy enemy cars, you'll gain upgrade points that'll make your car go faster, take more hits, and the usual assortment of things a car under combat conditions will need. If you max out a stat, you'll get a better part. If you max all the categories out, you'll get a new chassis for your car. During the course of a level you'll be able to pick up special propulsion mechanisms in addition to the usual shield and weapon power ups. You'll be able to nab Hoverpods for all terrain action, Hydrofloaters for those times when you need your car to not sink in water, and skis N' treads for those stubborn icy levels.

Now get in there 'pard, and get ready to shoot first and ask questions later.

Choose from 18 modern and '70s era vehicles
Customize vehicles with points earned from competition
Discover hidden power-ups while racing across eight new destructible arenas

Manufacturer's description:

The future of blowing $#!% up is here!
If it drives by, blow it up!

18 All-New '70's and Futuristic Vehicles
8 New Destructible Arenas with Hidden Power-Ups
Earn Points to Upgrade Your Vehicle
Split-Screen, Co-op Quest and Arcade Modes
'The only vehicular combat game that matters.' -OPM
Third or First person perspectives.
3D graphics
Cartoon graphics
SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.
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