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Don’t panic with large size of videos file now you can easily cut or compress size of video with amazing Video Cutter and Trimmer application and share video over social networking sites.

Video Cutter and Trimmer (Video zip - Cut & Compress) is very simple and easy to use application (video editor, video cutter, video trimmer, video compressor free, video merger app). You’ll have all your videos in video list screen then select video to do video trim and video cut and video edit and video trimming instagram. No compromise about video quality!

The easiest video cutter app can cut video file and remove unwanted parts like commercials, outtakes and trailers. Effortlessly import and edit videos and export it.
Video Cutter and Trimmer application provides cut video with simple steps and save file to your phone.
When you want to trim unwanted scenes and send the extracted parts to your friends Video Splitter will become your excellent helper.

Video Cutter and Trimmer for android which can able to cut your video from starting point to ending point, Don’t worry if you want to create part of video from other video. No worry about quality of video, it become HD Quality Video Cutter.
Very fast and easy to use, select the start and end of the video and click cut button.
Select the video file from library and cut simply by selecting starting and ending point.

-> Video trimmer. Trim video clips right on your device
-> Merge video clips. Join (concatenate) multiple video clips into one.
-> Convert video files to MP3 audio files.
-> Rotate videos (Quick rotation without encoding or true rotation by encoding)
-> Frame grabber (save image from videos)
-> Share video clips. (Send e-mail, upload to YouTube etc.)
-> Play video clips
-> Rename video clips
-> Delete video clips
-> Supports both ARM and x86 CPUs in one package.
-> Contains optimisations for ARMv7 NEON when available.
-> Delete video clips
-> Video compressor free - Transcode video clips. The transcoder allows you to convert video to MP4 or MPEG-4, resize and video compressor for whatsapp
-> Add music soundtrack to your videos and adjust the volume
-> Convert video files to MP4 or MPEG-4 files, video trimming instagram.
-> Video Reverse : Reverse your video to make magic.
-> Video Joiner : Merge multiple video clips into one video. You can add music as well. 
-> Video & Audio Mixer : Add music to your videos. Adjust video and music volumes. 
-> Animated GIF : Convert your videos to animated GIF
-> Video Transcoder : Convert videos to other formats, change resolution to make your videos smaller. Supports conversion to GIF, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV and VOB formats.
-> Slideshow Maker : Make slideshow from your images, add fading effect and music.
-> Frame Grabber : Extract video frame images at any moment of your video.
-> Video Toolbox : Enhance your video. Adjust brightness, constrast, saturation. Change audio volume
-> Rotate videos and other video editing features (Quick rotation without encoding or true rotation by encoding)
-> Video frame grabber (save image from videos)
-> Cut video with selected time intervals with same video.
-> Video Cutter app is very fast and easy to use with user friendly UI.
-> Latest and Smooth Material Design. 
-> Supports many video formats to trim your video 
-> Share video clips. (Send e-mail, upload to YouTube, instagram, facebook, twitter, video compressor for whatsapp, etc.)

It includes multiple features like video trimming, video sewing, video cutting, video trimming; frame grabbing and transcoding (convert to MP4). You can also share your videos with your friends directly through the app to instagram, facebook, twitter, YouTube, video compressor for whatsapp, etc.

Thanks for using this app, leave us your feedback and we will consider them for future updates!

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Thank you.

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