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“Photo Gallery HD” the new generation photo video manager, Manage photo gallery and album smartly using HD Gallery. Gallery HD introduced with some new and smart content like photo gallery locker, gallery album folder view, gallery wallet with privacy guard, Auto animated photo slideshow, Gallery photo editor, Photo timeline and many more options.

Using 'Gallery HD' you can play photo slideshow with animation and edit your photos using photo editing tool without quality loss. It's contain quick photo / video organization tool for move photos, delete photos, add photo and videos into private photo wallet, create folder options etc.

Features Of HD Gallery

⌈ Quick, Easy, High Performance ⌉
Smart HD Gallery is designed with easy to use and simple user interface. Quick access tools like photo timeline, photo folder view, photo editor, photo slideshow will help you to organize the photo quickly. 3D gallery 2017 is an performance optimized gallery tool and required low memory and power.

⌈ Secure Photo Wallet ⌉
You not need to download gallery app lock application separately for hide photos, HD Gallery contain secure wallet using hide gallery photos you can add or remove your photos / videos into secure wallet & gallery lock. No one can access or seeing your private photos without password or outside from the HD Gallery. Now a days privacy is more important for every one so we have added private photo vault along with Gallery.

- How o hide a gallery album photo?
Select the single or multiple photos -> Press hide button -> Done.

⌈ Photo Editor ⌉
By single tap you can edit your photo within the HD Gallery using photo editor tool. You can edit the photo and share on social media within the app. Photo editor tool has a option to set contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, whiteness, crop photo, rotate photo, apply photo color filter, quick share options after editing. Gallery edit is newly introduced concept for gallery photo.

⌈ Auto Slideshow With Animation ⌉
Play the photo slideshow by one tap with animation. It's auto slideshow to play all photos of your sdcard or particular folder. You cna choose different animations to play the photo video with music, now not need to slide photo manually. photo gallery & album support 3D effect view like 3d gallery app, 3d gallery lock, 3d gallery wallpaper.

⌈ Multi Photo Selection ⌉
With gallery application download select multiple photos and videos and move photos, remove photos, hide into secure wallet, add to favorite list, copy photos and share photos with friends and family. pictures - photo album gallery contain many other options for photo organizations.

This is free photo album gallery so download photo gallery and photo editor application along with secure private wallet and multiple photo gallery album organization concept. HD Gallery support all android devices including gallery for moto g4, gallery app for moto g4 plus, gallery app for moto g5 plus, gallery app download for android. Please write us your review and feedback for improvements and share your idea for more options.

Email : darkshadow7240@gmail.com

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