Baby Pics Free - Baby Story Photo Editor
Baby Pics Free - Baby Story Photo Editor

Baby Pics Free - Baby Story Photo Editor

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Baby Pics Free is very beautiful to capture and track your precious pregnancy and baby pics free.

You can Share and save them in your photo album and start your baby story.There are variety of baby stickers that are creatively designed by our artists for all your baby pics.

Baby Pics Free app is awesome template to make beautiful photo with baby stickers.

You can create Baby Story Photo Editor with many wonderful style and baby sticker, with text and sticker cute, realistic.

Baby Pics Free is treasure to your precious pregnancy and baby milestone pictures by beautifully stickers and multiple personalized text.

- Take a new photo using camera or select image from your gallery on which you want to add to your baby story.
- Select other wonderful Baby Pics stickers which you want to add to the photo
- Select the sticker and filter using Baby Story Photo Editor tool
- Share your photos with your friends and family in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social networks.


- 100+ beautifully baby related template

- 1000+ beautifully baby related sticker

- Add Custom text with font,color and other great effect

- Easy Photo editing tools like Enhance, Orientation,Crop, Border, Frames more

- Enhance the beauty of your pictures with amazing effects

- Add new category filters with highlight special moments
Share Your Pics
- Share your precious Baby Pics with friends & family in social media

- No need to internet connection this app is totally offline


DATES: 1 week, 2 months, 2 years, due dates, birthdays + many more
FIRSTS: First kick, first ultrasound, today I smiled for the first time, today I stood up, my first shoes + many more
PREGNANCY: Getting big, little belly vs big belly, overdue, twins, Mom & Dad are getting me a human + many more
HOLIDAYS: Santa Baby, happy holidays, too cute for the naughty list, happy Easter + many more
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, gender reveals, the rumors are true, we’re pregnant, surprise!, due in July, any day now, she’s here! + many more
DAILY: Crazy kid, little man, chubby cheeks, fit mama, spoilt, kissy lips + many more
HUMOR: Available to unlock – milk drunk, poop explosion, bun in the oven, eviction notice given, notorious b.u.b + many more
BIG KIDS: Don’t grow up, free range kid, story time, book worm, half wild – half child, no no no.. + many more
FRIENDS & FAMILY: meet my pals, brotherly love, I’m going to be a grandma, I love Mom, family time + many more
DOODLES: Hearts, borders, banners, butterflies, squiggles + many more

Please Download this app to find beautiful features and lots of ready made Photo from Baby Pics Free.
Thank you so much for using our app, leave us your feedback and we will consider them for future updates!

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