Cute Panda Theme
حجم:۵.۵ مگابایت
نسخه: ۱.۱.۲(۱۳۹۶/۰۷/۲۱)
حداقل سازگاری:   Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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Cute Panda Theme #1
Cute Panda Theme #2
Cute Panda Theme #3
Cute Panda Theme #4
Cute Panda Theme #5
Cute Panda Theme #6
Cute Panda Theme #7
Cute Panda Theme #8
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Cute panda theme to DIY launcher theme free ! Giant panda theme has panda bear wallpaper with panda lock screen and panda icon pack free. Panda theme have desgined a whole pack of panda theme app for android phone, including panda pattern lock, black white panda phone dialer, panda contacts wallpaper and panda icon pack for 100+ popular apps.
Do you love cute panda in the zoo ? Pandas are so cute animal we like. Now you will get 3D panda theme to decorate your phone all over with cute pandas free.
HD Wallpaper for panda bear theme
3D Panda theme free for who love giant panda wallpaper app. We love the black whote fluffy design with lovely baby panda wallpaper and panda lock screen wallpaper. We also designed panda phone dialer and black white bear wallpaper contacts.

free panda screen lock app + panda pattern lock & pincode lock
Panda bear lock screen to protect privacy easy safe. DIY launcher is privacy launcher to protect security with panda password lock and panda pattern lock . Set up your private b&w panda pattern lock and giant panda pin lock at your choice . No matter you love cute kitty theme or lovely teddy bear theme or pink owl in or snow seal , you will love this b&w panda theme for your android phone. You need to get latest launcher 5.0 app first.

HD Wallpaper for contacts and phone dialer
Beautiful hd panda wallpaper for contacts will make you search contacts easily. Lovely giant panda dialer will make everything look so lovely and fluffy cartoon theme.

Panda bear Icon Pack for 100+ popular apps
Giant panda icon pack for popular apps with love fluffy bear design. Baby panda icon pack for popular apps like panda facebook and panda sms whatsapp etc.

highlights of panda launcher theme
Fluffy panda theme can only work on CM Launcher . New 5.0 launcher is released with new features of contacts wallpaper and phone dialer skin and lock screen to protect privacy . It does not support any other one launcher.
✻ cartoon panda live wallpaper
✻cartoon panda screen lock app
✻ b&w bear pattern lock and baby panda password lock
✻ b&w baby panda phone dialer skin and b&w sms wallpaper
✻ fluffy panda icon pack for 100+ popular apps
✻ 3D launcher with dynamic touch effect
✻ china panda weather widget & clock widget
✻ baby giant panda screen lock to protect privacy
✻ DIY live wallpaper and DIY icon pack for DIY launcher theme
Support DIY live wallpaper in baby panda theme center . B&w panda theme to work as s8 theme and huawei p10 theme and xiaomi 6 as well as new x phone. We also design cute panda keyboard theme as well as panda applock theme. We have more holiday themes like Halloween theme or Christmas theme coming soon free for you.
More features waiting for your discovery for your DIY Launcher .
✻ If you like giant cartoon panda lock theme, please rate 5 stars . We will design new free themes for you.

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Cute Panda theme free for you
Designed Cute Panda icon pack for popular apps
Cute Panda wallpaper and screen lock
new search widget and weather widget free

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