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نسخه: ۰.۴.۴(۱۳۹۴/۱۲/۱۶)
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A universal remote application for linux based set-top-boxes.
Currently Titannit, Enigma2 and Neutrino are supported. Features:
- Browse Bouquets / Favourites
- Browse EPG
- Search EPG (*)
- Show current channel
- Browse, stream and delete movies (*)
- Browse, create, modify and delete timers
- Satfinder (*)
- Powercontrol
- Virtual remote
- Messages
* Titannit/Enigma2 only
For streaming you should use MX Player, VPlayer or BS Player light.
If you experience a force close, please enable 'auto crashlog submit' in settings.
Comments, Questions, Feature requests, Bugs? Email me or leave a comment on the homepage.

   تغییرات در نسخه جدید

- Remote in Screenshot-Screen
- Free space in movie Section
- Fixed Picons Download
- Fixed SSLNeutrino:
- Timer-handling
- improved movie streaming (enable ftp in profile-settings)
- auto legacy mode (if your image is older than GIT from 25.2.2016)

   دسترسی های نرم افزار

  • اینترنت
  • لرزش دستگاه
  • نوشتن بر روی حافظه گوشی
  • دیدن وضعیت شبکه