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With Insta Down you can Download Images and Videos of Instagram and Share on your Social Network Accounts.

It is very easy to use with a very easy to use interface with 2 simple clicks you can download the image or video you want from Instagram.

Among the Features that you can find in Insta Down you will have:

+ Download Instagram Images and Power Share them in your favorite Social Network accounts.
+ Download Instagram Videos and Power Share them in your favorite Social Networking accounts.
+ Save Images Automatically in your Gallery.
+ History of Images and Videos Downloaded from Instagram where you can Copy the UR, Share or Delete.
+ How to Download an Image or Video.

To Download an Image or Video from Instagram follow these Easy Steps:

+ When in Instagram press the icon that is located at the top right of the Image and select copy.
+ Now open Insta Down and press Paste and then Download.
+ With this, the Instagram Image or Video Download will begin and you will have it on your mobile.

Using Insta Down is easy and fast and it's 100% free.

Note: Private instagram accounts do not display the Copy URL option so you will not be able to download the Image from
Likewise certain accounts need permission from the owner of the image to be used due to copyright issues.

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