3D Action Movie FX Photo Editor:Movie Photo Effect
3D Action Movie FX Photo Editor:Movie Photo Effect

3D Action Movie FX Photo Editor:Movie Photo Effect

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3D Action Movie FX Photo Editor:Movie Photo Effect

By using Movie FX you can adjust your photograph by including exceptional film impacts! You can envision VFX/FX/SFX impacts on your own photograph, reason for various sort of film impacts, similar to: Horror, Action, Animation, Si-Fi and numerous more impacts.

Movie Effect Photo Editor is a free to used all the Movie Effects stickers like: Explosions, Bomb blast, Zombies, Aliens, UFO, Dragons, Helicopters, and Dinosaurs and set into your photograph and make it fun it.

Utilizing Movie Effect Photo Editor you make cool Movie Effects looks utilizing just your photograph and change your self into a Movie Effects rapidly and simple.

In the event that you like watching activity motion pictures and you cherish altering your photographs, experiment with this film maker photograph montage creator now. Get your boring pics and make a miracle out of them. Apply some realistic pic stickers from Movie FX Photo Editor app that will make your photos look like an action scene from the movie.

Add a meteor crush or explosion effects and leave your friends speechless. Set your car on fire or imagine that this is a war zone. Imagine that there is an outsider intrusion - make an incredible photograph control with a UFO and make the best photograph trick ever.

Have you always dreamed of acting in a horror movie or some sci-fi action with stunning helicopter crash and dragonfire? Seize this opportunity to feel like a famous director with our super power effects. Become a movie director or a movie star! Be the part of the amazing movie world!

You can choose whether you are going to be a war hero, in a company with zombies or to cause a car explosion. Action Movie FX Maker is here to fulfill your wishes. Downloading our movie “photo creator”! Start creating an action, mysterious or sci-fi scene! Our “action movie maker” offers the best scenes from famous movies! This is very important: it is completely free of charge! Discover the fun and easy way of arranging and editing your photos! Highly powerful and incredibly easy to use with many options to personalize and customize your slideshow movie!


? Get this app for free and make incredible photo montage;
? Upload pictures from your camera roll or take a photo with our superb movie camera;
? Add sci-fi scenes and apply “action movie” effects on your picture;
? Decorate your photos with best collection of photo stickers;
? Make an animation of your pictures and apply stunning camera effects;
? Add sci-fi and horror elements like zombies, dragons, aliens, robots, etc;
? Use for free our gallery of special anime effects: laser burn, chidori, neon lights, etc;
? Add car crush, machine attack or explosion scenes to your photo;
? Make a photo montage and add to your face hole your favorite movie character or superhero;
? Personalize your pictures by adding cool texts, famous movie quotes or inspirational sayings;
? Add cool stickers for pictures like glasses, face masks, goggles, cool scars or magic swords;
? Add tornadoes, earthquakes, meteor crush or floods to dramatize your pictures;
? Add famous Hollywood scenes on your pictures, from funny moments to surprising scenes;
? Share your best photo montage for AndroidTM on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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