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Last update7/25/2015
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Type Game
Category Racing
Developer گروه طراحی آفتاب


This game is designed to entertain the system has four types of entertainment.

A multiple 1.svalat

2. Guess the word

3. The crux

4. Image guess (being completed)

Side note may guess riddles or word if the words you guessed, but did not receive approval from the Space button (blank button) to check if the confirmation is correct.

Also guess the word in addition to Persian few words of Turkish, placed the number at the beginning of the race Hstnd.bh other languages ​​will be added soon.

Guess the picture is still under preparation and users who are willing to take steps to send an email with their name on the register. (All stages)

The multiple questions of the moment, due to the lack of questions are not entitled to vote in the next update will be done.

You need to install data files in order to run this Game. Myket will download and install these files automatically.
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